Jeremy Williams, Megan Demer, and Lindsay Catney are just a few of this week's luck $1000 winners. How would you like to add your name to the list?

And the great thing about Brian and Chrissy's Cash is it only takes one word to win! The free cash continues to flow on Monday with 2 chances every weekday to score a grand. And it is SO easy to play, Whenever you hear Brian and Chrissy announce the Cash Keyword, enter it at our website for your shot to win! That's it! No busy signals, and every time we announce a word one random winner gets $1000. And to make it even EASIER to play, here are all the times to listen to win next week:

  • Mon 4/10: 9:15am and 3:45pm
  • Tues 4/11: 11:45am and 4:15pm
  • Weds 4/12: 8:45am and 2:15pm
  • Thurs 4/13: 10:15am and 4:45pm
  • Fri 4/14: 8:15am and 1:45pm

Keep listening every weekday to win - and Good luck!

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