Most of us tend to discriminate against a certain race, ethnic or religious group of people when some people from that group does something against us. Maybe not personally to you, but to our country or maybe they're targeting an opposite group. Sometimes it's called a hate crime. This story is a reason to not blame the whole group for something that others from their group may have done.

Rotterdam Junction

One of the hardest hit Albany area places was Rotterdam Junction. There is a group of ladies who are called ‘Sandwich Brigade’ spent the past two weekends supplying meals to volunteers of the town. Many of them are the residents trying to rebuild their own home.

In a story from WRGB, the Women's Group of the Ahmadiyya Mosque in Rotterdam Junction helped out providing sandwiches and Indian food. The ladies meet at the fire department and then go door to door to hand out the food. One of the volunteers said that she hopes that people will not forget that this will still be going on for some time to come. Don't you think that these ladies a big round of applause?

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