We may not be in peak movie season, gearing up for Thanksgiving, but there are still moves coming out each weekend and some you should see and some you should skip. Lights Camera Jackson can walk you through which is which.

One of the biggest movies this weekend was Marshall. Marshall is the story of young Thurgood Marshall (Chadwick Boseman) while working as a lawyer for the NAACP. When a socialite (Kate Hudson) accuses a chauffeur (Sterling K. Brown) of sexual assault, he teams up with another lawyer (Josh Gad) to fight his case against the charges.

Next, the movie previews you've probably seen everywhere is Happy Death Day. Tree Gelbman wakes up on her birthday in another student's bed. She starts to get the feeling that she's experienced these same events before. When a masked killer takes her life, she wakes back up in the bed she started in. She relives the same day over and over until she finds her killer.

Of course another bit of news taking over the movie industry is the charges against Harvey Weinstein. Jackson touches a little bit on the effects of that and what it means for the Academy. For more, check out Lights-Camera-Jackson.com

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