Luke Bryan has already given us a string of Country Dance hits, like 'All My Friends Say' 'Rain Is A Good Thing' 'I Don't Want This Night To End' and 'Country Girl (Shake It For Me).'  Now, Bryan's single 'Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye' can also be added to line dance playlists.

Duke Alexander, from New York, choreographed and introduced this dance at the Winter Workshop at the Ballroom on Sunset.  Give it a try and get ready to get on the dance floor at our next GNA Country Night. In addition to the dance listed below, other dance suggestions include 'Puttin' On The Ritz' or the couples dance 'Shadow.'

Lets Lay Down Tonite (Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye)
32 Count 2 Wall Beginner\Intermediate
Choreographer: Duke Alexander
Music: Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye  By Luke Bryan

1-8    Forward Rock Shuffle Back , Back Rock Shuffle Forward

1-2   Rock Forward RF , Recover Back to LF ( 12 O,clock )
3&4  Shuffle Back R-L-R
5-6   Rock Back on LF , Recover Forward to RF
7&8  Shuffle Forward L-R-L

 9-16  Step ¼ Left, Weave to The Left ( 9 O’clock )

1-2  Step Forward RF ,Turn ¼ on To  LF To 9 O’clock
3-4  Cross RF Over LF , Step Side LF
5-6  Cross RF Behind , Step Side LF
7-8  Cross RF Over LF , Step Side LF

17-25 Cross Rock ¼ Shuffle Right , Side Rock ½ Turn Sailor Step

1-2   Cross Rock RF over LF , Recover To LF
3&4  Shuffle ¼ Right stepping R-L-R To 12’Oclock
5-6   Rock Side LF Recover To RF
7&8  ½ Turn Left Sailor Step L-R-L  To 6 O’clock

26-32  Rock Forward Recover , Shuffle ½ Right , Pivot ½ Right Shuffle Forward

1-2  Rock Forward RF , Recover Back to LF
3&4 Shuffle ½ turning Right stepping R-L-R To 12 o,clock
5-6  Step forward LF Pivoting  Right on to RF To 6’O,clock
7&8 Shuffle Forward L-R-L



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