Little Big Town performed in front of 60,000 fans on Sunday evening (June 12) at the 2016 CMA Music Festival. And they took the opportunity to dedicate a very special song to the victims of the Orlando shooting.

The fan-favorite group spoke to reporters before they took the stage. Though their "Miracle" performance was planned before news of the shooting broke, LBT's Karen Fairchild acknowledges the providential timing. "Well, what divine timing that we would wake up to this horrible news this morning and know that we’re gonna sing ‘Miracle’ tonight."

"For me, music has been the ultimate healer," LBT's Karen Fairchild adds in a video from The Tennessean. "We will not let the haters destroy what we love and enjoy, and we will not live in fear of this, and tonight is going to be a celebration of life and love and harmony."

She adds, "We're going to remember the lives that were lost and we're going to celebrate them tonight. We are not going to let the negative tell us what we're gonna do."

The group dedicated "Miracle" to the Orlando victims. It's the first song they wrote with Pharrell Williams for their new record, Wanderlust, and the performance was incredibly powerful. They performed "Miracle" with members from the Born Again Church Choir. Williams joined LBT onstage, much to the excitement of fans.

LBT also posted on Instagram before their time onstage. They shared the lyrics of "Miracle" along with this promise: "We'll sing this for Orlando tonight."

"Knee deep in trouble so much struggle / I could use your helping hand / I want some peace, some sweet release / Pull me up from the sinking sand / Waiting on Heaven to send down / Some healing for this heart / Down by the river waiting for this water to part / So just send it on / I need a miracle."

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