LeAnn Rimes is ready to share the song "Love Line," from her forthcoming record, Remnants, and The Boot readers get to hear it first.

"Love Line" was co-written by Rimes, Darrell Brown and Paul Barry. The song was inspired by two very important people in Rimes' life: her stepsons, Mason and Jake, the children of her husband, Eddie Cibrian.

"At first I wanted to write about being a stepmom to my stepsons ... letting them know that we were bound not by a bloodline but by a love line," Rimes tells The Boot. "After the song was finished and I could step back and really listen to it, I realized that the song was not just for them but for everyone, that we are all bound together by love."

"Love Line" is a moody, soulful track, and Rimes gets right to the point in its chorus, singing, "They say blood is thicker than the water / I say love is thicker than blood / 'Cause you and I are bound by a love line." Her familiar powerhouse voice tells listeners, "We'll walk together down this love line / I'll keep you safe and sound on this love line / Don't ever doubt the power of this love line / We're bound to be free on this love line."

Rimes' first single from Remnants, a cover of Brandi Carlile's "The Story," was released in the UK over the summer, and the record's newest single, "Long Live Love," debuted on Monday (Jan. 23). The singer co-wrote 10 of the record's 14 songs. The album is all about living an authentic life -- and even if you fall apart, Rimes says, you can pick up "the most authentic pieces or remnants of ourselves" and move forward.

Remnants is scheduled to release on Feb. 3. The album is available for pre-order on iTunes and Amazon.

Listen to LeAnn Rimes, "Love Line":

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