This is becoming the ultimate game of proposal tag, and at this point, does it need to be so complicated?

I am not a lawmaker, nor do I aspire to be one. I would be eternally frustrated with the constant back and forth when both parties are trying to compromise on legislation. As you are well aware, this is the case with the ongoing saga of a second coronavirus stimulus package.

According to CBS 6, House Democrats have another $2.2 trillion stimulus bill that they have put together. $1,200 direct stimulus payments to Americans are again being proposed, as well as bringing back the $600 a week unemployment benefit for those out of work. There are also other relief measures for state and local governments, colleges, and more funding of the Paycheck Protection Program. One would guess this proposed plan also will not come to fruition as Republicans want something in the $1 trillion range, according to CBS 6.

First and foremost, I totally see the merit in extending unemployment benefits to those who need them. But ultimately, a $2.2 trillion package has to be paid for somewhere. For those who are still working, there is no need for those $1,2000 stimulus payments. Put those toward unemployment and save the taxpayers money down the road!

That is the thing with all these stimulus plans: all that money has to come from somewhere. Whether it is taxes or more national debt, we are going to end up paying for all this some point down the road!

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