Nick is at it again and this time things got awkward with Lauren Alaina.

It has been a while since Nick has gotten to sit down with a GNA artist and for good reason! But he fooled us again when we fulfilled his request to sit down with Lauren Alaina before our latest Secret Star Acoustic Jam, presented by Adirondack Tire and Service.

This one starts off strong, as Nick tosses aside his trusty notebook to do the interview. But he quickly leans on his 'notes,' which is not a good thing. From asking Lauren if she flew United to talking about how he dated a Lauren and an Alaina in high school to discussing a local lumberyard, this one goes downhill quick. And the ending about asking where the 'Road Less Traveled' is - is just classic Nick.

At least Nick knows how to take care of the crab grass in his lawn!

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