The Lansingburgh Price Chopper will shut down due to 'operational challenges.'

According to a Times Union story, the Price Chopper located on 2nd Avenue in Troy will close February 29th, which in the long run could be a positive for Troy. First, I think it is important to point out all the employees at this store have been offered similar positions at other local Price Choppers; so it is great to hear jobs will not be lost. Nonetheless, it is always tough to see any business close in the Capital Region.

So why is this store closing? The Times Union reports a Price Chopper rep attributes the closing to 'operational challenges' including the store's proximity to the Hudson River. Past incidents of flooding were a contributing factor. The future plans for this location could actually turn into a great new space for the people of Troy, as officials told the TU the space could be re-purposed for more 'public access' to the waterfront.

One thing we could use more of in the Troy and Albany area are great spaces along the river. Any type of redevelopment that leans in this direction is a good thing, and in this instance it can be done without affecting anyone's employment. Bring on more riverfront access!

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