It surprised me to learn that 54% of women chose Eli Manning over Tom Brady in a poll done by "" (the site that hooks people up to have affairs). I thought Tom Brady was the "Man"when it comes to women adoring his looks and talent. After all, the guy is married to Gisele Bundchen. That's when it occurred to me, maybe that is the problem, most women would feel intimidated because he is with a super model.

Eli, on the other hand is married to his college sweetheart and is such a lovable goof ball type. This I think may make him more "comfortable" to many women. The other thing that women said was endearing about Eli as opposed to Tom is he seems like less of a hothead. This confuses me because I didn't know that that was an obstruction necessarily,  to a "hook up".

So I would like to try this poll out with you but I will make a couple of caveats. First when you make your choice, it should not be based on the hotness of their wives but on the hotness of the player alone. Also, you can not be swayed by allegiance to a certain team. This poll is based purely on the looks of the player, his talent and demeanor on the field and overall charisma.

I thought about throwing a couple of other players into the mix but I wasn't sure how I could narrow them down but I know for a fact my wife will write, "Neither, I want to vote for Wes Welker!" Maybe at a later date, for know ladies, choose one of these two for your "hook up".

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