The amazing duo Maddie & Tae will be taking the SPAC stage at Countryfest 2018!

Tae recalls, 'She said, If you really want to pursue this, you will need to move to Nashville. I knew that was what I wanted, but moving to Nashville also meant I had to figure out how to graduate from high school early, and Maddie had to turn down college.'

In 2013, it was decided. The pair relocated – and never looked back. Publishing deal in hand, they were immersed in creativity, seeking a voice that was both authentic and truly their own. Like Taylor Swift, the duo knew by speaking their truth, their uniqueness would set them apart.

As Marlow told Rolling Stone Country, 'Our whole project revolves around keeping it real and being honest. We didn't filter anything, because we felt like when it comes from an honest place, the truth will resonate so much better. The thing about Taylor, everything is real and relevant to what she's going through, and that's why people connect with her.'

Listening to the double harmonies over an acoustic guitar hope-strung-over-doubt mid-tempo 'Fly,' Maddie & Tae's conviction is evident. Will what's been built be betrayed? How do you keep the faith when you're so unsure? Where is the courage to maintain your place when you're afraid of the outcome?

Bio courtesy of Maddie & Tae


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