Kenny Chesney warned fans that 2014 was the year of not touring! The 46 year-old took the entire year to focus on new music, and it's arrived!

It seems there hasn't been much buzz about a new single from any artist in quite some time, but now everyone seems to be buzzing about the new single from Kenny Chesney titled 'American Kids.' From this great review from Billy Dukes of Taste of "‘American Kids’ is the song Chesney fans have wanted for several years — his best party song since ‘Summertime’ in 2006"- to the numerous phone calls to 'play it again,' it seems Chesney is back and he's still as hot as ever!

Now, fans are not only waiting for the entire album to be released in September, they also hope the Country Music 'Beach Bum' gets back on the road. What do you think of Kenny Chesney's new song? Will his music be just as hot as it was 5 years ago? Will he still be able to sell out stadiums? Please leave your comments in the section below.