Keith Urban stopped by Harry on Wednesday (March 22), where he reunited with his former American Idol judge Harry Connick Jr. and set the record straight on an AI reunion during a game of 'Celebrity Swipes.'

During the game, Urban had to swipe left or right depending on his passion for the topic. Tour buses were a quick rejection.

"Can't stand tour buses," the country star admits. "First tour bus I ever had was a late 1970s Eagle with shag carpet. It was terrible."

But Urban is, in fact, a fan of FaceTime — and an AI reunion. "I love FaceTime. It's changed our world when my wife is shooting in another country and I'm touring somewhere else," he admits.

As far as a reunion with his former judges, Urban is open to the idea once a few barriers are set aside. "American Idol reunion yes," he says, pausing. "Yes, absolutely. If we can just get Harry off his show, Jen off her show, Ryan off the radio and me off the road. Done. Easy."

Later, Urban reunited in person with Connick Jr. where they discussed what it's like being the only guy in a household of women.

"I didn't know anything about it because I grew up with a brother and my mom and dad and that's it," Urban says. "I love it. You talk about spiritual grown, that's where it's all going to happen right there."

Connick Jr. agrees and admits that he's learning new insight into the female perspective having daughters. "You mean outward, raw, dramatic feelings all the time?" Urban asks.

Urban has two little girls at home, a 6-year-old and an 8-year-old.

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