One of your favorite summer spots is going to extend the season.

While fall offers so much as far as fun things to do, one of the bummers of the end of summer are some of your favorite seasonal spots closing for the cooler months. This year, one of your favorite greasy spoons has decided to keep summer going.

According to a Spectrum News story, Jumpin' Jack's in Scotia will be staying open past Labor Day this year. Owner Mark Lansing told Spectrum Jumpin' Jack's "...made the decision after a rough start to the season due to the pandemic."

Now the big question: how long will they stay open for so you can get all the Jumpin' Jack's East possible? According to a post on their Facebook Page, Jumpin' Jack's says they are taking it " week to week" and once they determine a closing date they will announce it.

So maybe this means as long as fall stays somewhat warm Jumpin' Jack's will remain open? During such a crazy year, it is nice to know we will get to enjoy one of our favorite summer spots and traditions just a little bit longer.

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