Jordan Davis' collaboration with Luke Bryan on "Buy Dirt" makes for a perfectly-country, down-home-comfortable music video, too.

The video, much like the songs advises, keeps it simple and focuses on the important things in life: Family, the guys (Davis and Bryan), and just a guitar. Opening with a black-and-white shot of Davis standing in a field with just his guitar, as the song builds momentum, the shot widens and soon adds color.

The video goes on to show shots of people at many stages of life — children playing, older adults reflecting, young adults holding hands and sitting in a truck — in relationship with the land, or "dirt," around them.

Bryan — who joins Davis not long after the video opens — stands alongside his buddy as they perform in an open field.

"Buy Dirt" is a product of Davis’ pandemic writing, which didn't get off to the start he'd imagined when lockdown started.

"I was kind of expecting to have this flood of ideas and focus in and write a lot of music," Davis shares on his YouTube page, "but it really didn’t work that way. I stopped writing for a few months at the beginning of the pandemic and just started listening to music that I loved."

Stepping back to listen gave Davis the motivation and inspiration he needed to get back on track with his own writing.

After finishing "Buy Dirt," he decided it should be the name of his EP, even with it being the only song completed. "When we finished 'Buy Dirt,' I knew it was going to be special," he says. "I actually named the EP before I had all the songs for it."

On September 9, Davis will kick off the Buy Dirt Tour.

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