I love when people have no clue they are being recorded. Especially when they are people that are ALWAYS being recorded like Vice President Joe Biden and Speaker of the House John Boehner. Before President Obama's speech on Thursday the VP and the Speaker had a nice talk about golfing. Never mind that if Obama was caught on tape talking about a recent golf outing before a major speech he would get destroyed for not taking it serious and never mind that Biden seems to be unable to have a conversation without swearing. Biden says at one point "I couldn't hit a Bull in the ass with a spade the way I'm playing." I love how these two act they're buddies then minutes later they look like they are playing two very different games of musical chairs. I'll stand now...ok now you go. My absolute favorite part is at the end when you hear off screen someone say "Mics are live". and they are off camera instantly. Enjoy.