Imagine your favorite performer is coming to a nearby venue and you missed out on the on sale and had to buy from a third party. You know you're going to end up paying more and in some cases, the price almost doesn't matter because you just have to see that person or group.

That's what happened for Anne Milograno from just outside of Utica, who desperately wanted to see Jay Leno at Turning Stone Casino and Resort. The average $30 ticket cost her $400 for four tickets. Hey, sometimes you do what you got to do. But, it turned out that the tickets never showed up and she had made the decision to purchase more the night before the show.

The Utica Observer Dispatch reported the story and it turns out that Leno has a Google alert on that tells him any time his name is mentioned in the news. So, what did he do? He reached out to the paper who gave him the scoop.


"I hate to see that kind of stuff happen," Leno told the O-D. "I try to keep the price fair. I mean, I'm flattered she would pay that much to see me, but that's terrible."

Jay Leno asked for Milograno's contact information and called her himself to offer her 4-tickets and backstage passes for his next performance. Like anyone, she was in disbelief and asked him a bunch of questions she felt only he could honestly answer. Finally giving in that it was him she told the Utica Observer Dispatch, "I can not get over it. It was the best thing to happen."


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