Jana Kramer’s Dancing With The Stars performance was very emotional this week.

This week’s Dancing With The Stars theme was most memorable year.  Jana picked 2016 as her most memorable year.  As country music fans, we know Jana had a great 2016 with the birth of her daughter.

Jana opens up on the show saying that her daughter gave her a strength she didn’t know she had.  Jana reveals that she overcame being a part of an abusive relationship ten years ago.  She says it wasn’t until she had her daughter, that she realized how the relationship affected her.

Jana dances to “In My Daughter’s Eye’s” by Martina McBride.  She dedicates this performance to her daughter, who makes a special appearance after her live performance.

The song always gets to me when I hear it, but after listening to Jana’s story and watching her dance, the performance was amazing!

Watch for yourself!

Good luck in the competition Jana!

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