Fresh off a show at Frog Alley earlier this month, Jamey Johnson is set to return to the Electric City in November.

If you left Jamey's show in Schenectady wanting to hear more from him, this is great news. Although this next engagement in the Capital Region will be a little different than what you are used to seeing from Jamey. Because for this latest concert appearance, Jamey will be leaving his amazing catalog of songs at home to take on the soundtrack from a legendary rock and roll concert movie from a legendary rock band.

The Last Waltz 40 Tour - Atlanta, Georgia
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If you are a fan of classic rock you are most likely pretty familiar with The Band and some of their legendary songs like "The Weight" and "Up On Cripplse Creek.' Their sawn song as a group was the live concert movie "The Last Waltz" which was basically a farewell concert featuring guest stars like Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and more.

There is currently a rock all-star tour on the road celebrating and performing the songs from that legendary 1976 concert. Warren Haynes, Don Was, and more are participating when the tour comes to Proctor's Theater in Schenectady on Saturday, November 5th.

And Proctor's just announced on Instagram that Jamey Johnson will now be taking part in that November 5th show!

As I said, this won't be what you are used to seeing from Jamey, but it will be just as great as he will be part of a great ensemble perofmring some of the greatest rock songs ever recorded, from a band that took plenty of influence from Country music.

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