New York State has a whole lot to offer when it comes to food but we're also missing some key fast food establishments.

There's no shame in loving some fast food. The key is to love it in moderation. Enjoy life's simple pleasures while you have the chance to do so, right?

While we can explore a whole lot of great fast food here in the Capital Region we seem to be lacking some places and the residents have spoken - they want them now. There also seems to be one particular food we don't have a lot of.


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We have burgers and tacos covered pretty well (though I wouldn't mind a Mighty Taco on this side of the state) but chicken seems to be lacking.

The Capital Region has a few KFC locations and also Popeye's but that's pretty much it. There are a number of amazing chicken restaurants that the people of Upstate New York have said that they wanted. The number one was of course Raising Cane's. You all know my love for this place, so I cosign fully.

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We got a lot of responses on ur Facebook page when we asked about fast food places we'd love to see come to the Capital Region. The ones named the most were:

  • Steak N' Shake
  • In N' Out
  • Bojangles Chicken
  • Jack in the Box
  • Carl's Junior
  • White Castle
  • Raising Cane's
  • Zaxby's Chicken

You can check out the above thread to see all the answers we got. The bottom line is that we have FOMO when it comes to these locations.

A few others I would personally like to see are Whataburger and Schlotzsky's. These places have some really amazing food that we're missing out on.

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