I think of myself as a regular guy, someone who tries to do right by others but is far from perfect. I go to work every day, call my mom at least once a week, enjoy a great movie and root for my favorite teams. Regular every day stuff mixed with a mistake here and there. We all make them but there is one mistake you should never make.

ALWAYS return your shopping cart at the grocery store, or any store. This open letter is addressed to one dude that didn't.

My encounter with you took place at Sam's Club. You seem to think this common act of decency does not apply to you. Well, it does. You finished loading your items into your SUV, moved your giant sized cart into the empty parking spot next to your vehicle and drove off. Here's why you are a menace to society;

  • You blocked one lane of traffic to load your vehicle
  • You left your empty cart in a parking space preventing anyone from using that space
  • You wouldn't walk the cart to the corral just 75 feet away
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash
Photo by Markus Spiske on Unsplash

According to the Etiquette School of America, and decent human beings throughout New York State;

In the parking lot, place your cart in one of the designated cart corrals. If the store doesn’t offer a designated spot for carts, return yours to the entrance area.

You already took over 2000 steps inside the store, be a good person next time, take a few more and return your cart! Please?

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