Across the world, there are four recognized seasons that are supposed to happen each year: spring, summer, fall and winter.

That said, depending on where you're located across the country, certain seasons are more, or less, prominent than others. States down south, with warmer climates, often have very abbreviated fall and spring seasons as they jump from the heat of summer, to the chill of winter, and back.

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As you work your way north, both fall and spring tend to linger longer. Personally, those seasons are always my favorites.

Those who are local to Upstate New York know, on a weekly basis, that the weather changes drastically this time of year. One day, it will be in 40 degrees and cloudy, while the next could feature 60 or 70 degree temperatures and sun.

The weather varies so much in our area of the country, in fact, that the hilarious folks at Two Buttons Deep created this to help us out:

Honestly, I think they nailed it with this list, especially toward the beginning of the year. You're never quite sure when winter has officially ended in our area. Then, all of a sudden, everyone begins to sneeze uncontrollably as flowers and trees begin to bloom.

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The number of seasons listed here --- thirteen --- also feels pretty accurate. It translates to, roughly, one season per month, and that makes sense. The weather that we experience on April 1st is vastly different from the weather on May 1st, which is different from June 1st, and so on.

Upstate New York (Unsplash / Clay Banks)
Upstate New York (Unsplash / Clay Banks)

So, if we're abiding by Two Buttons Deep's model here, then happy Pothole Season everyone!

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