New York Jets' QB Aaron Rodgers was absent from Jets' mandatory minicamp earlier this week, and fans and media members handled the situation calmly and rationally from start to finish.

Just kidding, everybody started panicking immediately.

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Jets' head coach Robert Saleh told media members that Rodgers' choice to miss camp was unexcused, but later followed up by saying that he and Rodgers were on the exact same page regarding his absence.

As the clown show unfolded, members of the media took turns claiming their pound of flesh from the Jets, as they so often get the chance to do. That group of journalists included New York Mets' broadcaster Gary Cohen, who had this to say about the Rodgers debacle:

Add this quip to the long list of reasons why we love Gary, Keith and Ron in the New York Mets' broadcast booth.

Here were a few of our favorite responses to this video:

Rodgers and the Jets open up the preseason against the Washington Commanders on August 10th at noon. They play their first game of the regular season on Monday, September 9th on the road against the San Francisco 49ers.

Rodgers' attendance at both games is not yet confirmed.

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