A dream season has led into a nightmare offseason for New York Giants' running back, Saquon Barkley.

The star was placed on the franchise tag by the Giants moments after the team signed QB Daniel Jones to a contract extension, and the two sides (New York and Barkley's camp) had until Monday at 4PM to agree to a contract extension of his own. That agreement did not happen, and now, Barkley will have to decide if he wants to play for New York in 2023, or sit on the sidelines when Week 1 rolls around.

Unfortunately, if we are to believe comments made by Barkley on a recent podcast, it may be a while before we see No. 26 in action again for Big Blue.

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Comments from Saquon Barkley Paint Bleak Picture for NY Giants, Fans

A series of videos of Saquon Barkley, who was recently interviewed on a podcast and asked about his contract dispute with the New York Giants, are currently making the rounds on Twitter. One infamous video clip shows Barkley discussing whether or not he will suit up for Week 1 of the 2023 NFL season.

Check out this video, and if you're a Giants' fan, watch at your own risk:

Yes, you heard that right. As part of his answer, Barkley did mention that he could sit out as a "f*** you" to the Giants, as well as his teammates.

That video was the last thing any New York fan wanted to see, but this next video clip is giving some fans a bit of comfort. Take a look:

Now, keep this in mind: this podcast was released on July 11, days before the contract extension deadline. One could reasonably assume that him doing what he "plans on doing" this year also meant that he "planned on" receiving a contract extension offer from the Giants.

That didn't happen, so now, it's time to panic, right?

Sort of. 

Last season, the Giants' offense looked lost during any games in which Barkley was not playing. He was the team's leading running back, and on many occasions, their best wide receiver. He was their MVP for much of last season, so without him in the mix this year, the offense will likely take a step back.

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That said, with the addition of Darren Waller and other pass-catching options, Daniel Jones will have plenty of receivers who can catch his passes. The issue with this plan is that now, the Giants have to put all of their trust in Daniel Jones, and Jones won't have his security blanket there to help him.

Jones is being paid $40 million, money that could've been paid to Saquon Barkley instead, so Jones will need to perform well early in 2023 to show to the fans that he's worth the investment. In the mean time, however, Giants' fans can only sit, and wait, and hope for a positive outcome between the team and No. 26.

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