The 2023 Capital Region Pizza Tour is fully underway for Dave Portnoy and the crew at Barstool Sports.

With Portnoy spending time in his new home in Saratoga Springs during the summer, he and the Barstool staff have been visiting local area pizza places, sampling slices as part of their One Bite Pizza Review series.

This time, however, Portnoy took a break from trying the best Capital Region pizza places in order to save room for a steak sandwich in Schenectady, one that was different from anything else he had had before.

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Barstool Sports' Dave Portnoy Tries Morrette's King Steakhouse Steak Sandwich

The cardinal rule was still the same for Dave Portnoy during this food review video: one bite, everybody knows the rules. This time around, however, the rule was (loosely) being applied to his review of a steak sandwich, which was served to him by the folks at Morrette's King Steakhouse in Schenectady.

Here's how the review went:

Here were a few highlights from the review video:

  • Portnoy said he was drawn to the location, which wasn't on his itinerary of spots to review, because if he sees a sign like [the one outside Morrette's], he has to try it.
  • The steak sandwich, which had shaved steak, peppers and onions and marinara sauce, but no cheese, was stunning to Portnoy.
    • The folks at Morrette's told Portnoy that they wanted to create a signature steak sandwich that was different from an average Philly cheesesteak or a steak-and-cheese.
  • Though he admittedly didn't know how to eat the sandwich, he said that he hadn't had anything like it, and he said it was a unique taste that he loved.
  • He loved the vibes (rated 10.11/10) and the story of Morrette's.
  • "If you're a Schenectady person, and you're not eating [there] once a month, then you don't own the air to breathe in Schenectady because you need to support places like [Morrette's]."

Overall, Dave Portnoy gave the steak sandwich at Morrette's a 7.9 out of 10. If you want to sample the product and find out for yourself, you can visit Morrette's at 1126 Erie Blvd in Schenectady (map below), or visit their website by clicking here.


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