It's a sad reality that people are shot and killed every day. Every day. Most of the time, it happens in a place where most of us don't see it. When WDBJ-TV's Allison Parker and Adam Ward were shot and killed on camera, it brought this ugly act to live television. And, for those of us in radio and television, a reminder that this could have happened to any of us.

It's easy to forget that the people you see on TV and hear on the radio are actual people with real families and ordinary lives just like you. Adam Ward was engaged to be married. Allison Parker had a new romance with one of her fellow TV anchors. Those real lives were ended by a maniac who will not be named here per our promise to make sure these killers get no notoriety and are hopefully forgotten.

I've been fortunate to be a radio guy for 32 years. I've done so many live on-location broadcasts and emcee'd numerous concerts and live events that I've lost count. I can tell you that something like this is the last thing you imagine. You are focused on doing your job and look forward to meeting the people that watch and/or listen to you.

I have no doubt that for Allison Parker and Adam Ward, this was just another day. They probably looked forward to whatever personal plans they had once their TV work was done. Unfortunately, their tomorrow was taken from them. And, for those in our business, it is a reminder that it could have happened to us. And, sadly, it can happen to you also.