We've all seen some pretty interesting and creative marriage proposals but I don't think I've never seen one done quite like it was done at the Brad Paisley concert last night at SPAC.  Would you want your man to propose to you like this?

While I'm extremely happy for the young couple in love, I was a little surprised that the marriage proposal went down like this. A man in the audience brought a sign to SPAC last night with an "arrow" drawn in the direction of


his girlfriend with the message 'I want to propose on stage"   Now call me old fashioned, but isn't a relatively big part of the proposal the spontaneity of the moment?  Perhaps she didn't see it, or maybe he came with multiple signs and swapped this one out last second. While these are possible scenarios, most likely she was able to see what he was holding up.

Ultimately, it caught the attention of Brad, who invited the couple up to the stage where he went through with the formality and she said 'Yes!"  Congratulations to the newly engaged couple who will have this memory to last their lifetime, even if some will say it lacked spontaneity.

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