Have you felt like your commute has gotten longer recently?

If you have thought maybe it was just in your head, you're wrong! You're commute has gotten longer.

According to Albany Business Review, the average one way commute in Albany has actually gone up. The 2016 US Census in the Albany area is now 23 minutes, up from 22 minutes in 2010. We are still doing better than the Nationwide average of 26 minutes.

So on average, commuters in the Albany area spend 46 minutes a day in the car. I know for us it seems long, especially if you deal with the Northway congestion everyday. But compared to our friends down in New York City, it's not the bad. According to the Cenus they spend 36 minutes in the car - one way! That's almost 1 hour 15 minutes in the car each day!

Back in the day an hour plus commute would be a terrible thing, but maybe folks in NYC now have the GNA app on their phones to make their commute as enjoyable as yours!

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