I was driving by Vent Fitness the other day in Clifton Park thinking back to my younger days. Man, I miss Starburst.

Every other weekend, my sisters and I would go to Starburst to go roller skating. Those were the days! The skates were beige with orange stoppers and they were brand new. The lockers had cool new keys and the announcer would always remind you to "lock your lockers." I was in awe of the skaters in the middle who could twirl, flip and work on some amazing moves.

When I go into Vent now, I always envision the practice rink where my Dad would watch and wait for us. When I'm on the stair climber I hope that they announce that it's couples only so I have to stop. Maybe it's just because I'm lazy and really dislike working out or maybe I am just a sucker for the good ol days when you strapped on a pair of beige skates with the orange stoppers and felt like life couldn't be any more perfect.

Remember these?

Roller Skates

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