Many of you have asked about the rules for this year's Countryfest. I thought listing them would be boring, so I decided to put them to rhyme (hey, I loved Dr. Seuss as a kid...I guess it never leaves you).

For the complete list of rules and regulations for this year's Countryfest extravaganza, you can always go to the website, but I thought we'd have a little fun here, so as a public service, I took a famous Dierks Bentley song and parodied it (being that he's the headliner, of course).

Now to help you sing along in your homes, cars on the way there or wherever, I've included the lyrics as well. I also found some crowd photos from old Countryfests that you might just find yourselves in. Enjoy!

See you on Saturday!

11 am that's when the doors open 
 Saturday morning we'll all be Schaghticokin'
get there early I ain't joking 
that's what you should be thinking 
Sorry to tell ya it's a cardinal sin 
to try to sneak food and beverages in 
there'll be plenty of concession stands where you can
do your eating and drinking 
and I'm sure you won't disagree 
when we let young kids in free (under 10) 
It would sure be cool if you could carpool 
cuz parking there might be tight 
once you're in no doubt 
that if you walk out
you can't go back inside