I love my TV.  Well, I used to.   Now I feel betrayed, hurt and deceived. I should be a little more specific, it wasn't my TV that did it.  It was one of my favorite shows.  At this point I should tell you if you are a fan of  "How I met your Mother" And you have yet to watch last night's episode,  STOP READING NOW.  (Spoiler Alert)

Like many of you , I have a D.V.R.   This allows me to tape many shows and watch them as I can.  It also allows me to decide what kind of show I'm in the mood to see each night.   Last night I was definitely in need of a good comedy.  It had been a long day, stressful and all I wanted to do was to end it with a good laugh.  I'm sure you have had these kind of days.  So as I perused my D.V.R. , I went passed the drama's , the reality shows, the science fiction and BAM!  There it was, just what the Doctor ordered.  A brand new episode of the fun , silly and satirical " How I met your Mother".

It sure fit the bill.   It was very funny.  Marshall and Lilly, still trying to conceive a baby had now found themselves at a fertility specialist who looked JUST like their womanizing friend Barney!  Good stuff.  Lily,  after having to be convinced it wasn't actually Barney that would be examining her most private of areas, was soon cleared of any problems that would cause infertility.  So then we were treated to watching Marshall deal with what he head to go through to "acquire" a sample that could be tested.  Also very funny stuff.  Especially when he had to try to do it while his parent's were visiting from out of town.   SO far , SO good.

That is when it happened, and again this is a spoiler alert.  Please do not continue to read this if you have not seen the show.  Though if you go into the show expecting to see the usual tom foolery, (Wow, I never ever thought I'd be able to use that word with  a real world application),  maybe you should read on.

When Marshall learns that he too is very fertile,  he is ecstatic.  Naturally, he wants nothing more than to call his Dad and share the great news.  As he runs outside the bar, to make the call, a despondent Lilly appears from a cab.  Marshall tells her the good news expecting happiness from his wife instead he sees more tears as she finally works out a way to tell her husband that his Dad has had a heart attack, and didn't make it.  So I ended my bad day wanting a comedy, a good laugh a chuckle even.  I needed a little escape from reality and what I got was Marshall holding his wife on a New York City street and the final words of the episode.. " My Dad is dead?"   Well done shocker?   Yes.  What I needed or wanted,  no.

Shame on you, "How I met your Mother".  Shame.