It's pretty obvious to most people paying attention, that kids today are staying indoors playing video games or obsessing over their phones way more than the generation before them.  However, a recent study suggests that childhood obesity could be linked to, of all the things,  various household products

It's quite the interesting theory, and sure to be one that's begging to be challenged, but according to a story by Newschannel 13, a recent Canadian study linked disinfectants to childhood obesity.

According to the report, heres how:

Scientists believe that In the past few decades, asthma, Type 1 diabetes, obesity and other diseases are on the rise among kids.  A piece of evidence suggests that cleaning supplies may be changing the bacteria in a kid's stomach resulting in what the report says may be the link to obesity.

So, could your household cleaning supplies be to blame for a rise in unhealthier and unfit children?  Maybe. But as one scientist puts it, "Specific types of cleaners, they might also encourage their children to run around outside and exercise as opposed to spending hours in front of a television or a screen."

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