By now you have probably heard about the Vax & Scratch vaccine incentive program. Get vaccinated and receive a scratch lottery ticket that could have a $5 million jackpot! That program was scheduled to end this week but Governor Cuomo has extended this opportunity and opened it up to new locations. Albany, this means you!

Head to the former Lord & Taylor store location at Crossgates Mall in Albany, between 8am and 7pm, Monday May 31st and Friday June 4th for you vaccination. You will either get the Johnson & Johnson 1 dose vaccination or the Pfizer 2 dose vaccination. Either way you will receive your scratch lottery ticket once you are done. The Crossgates location is honoring pre-arranged appointments as well as walk-ins 18 and older.

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After seeing significant interest in our Vax and Scratch program, we are ecstatic to extend it in order to encourage more New Yorkers to receive their COVID-19 vaccinations. The vaccine is free, accessible, and effective. New Yorkers should take advantage of this incentive while doing the best thing they can to protect their communities from the spread of the COVID virus. - Governor Cuomo

I thought the vaccine was good for us. I thought those that wanted to be vaccinated would go get the shot and the rest would take the "risk". I thought we were all on the same page. Now I feel like I should have waited a while so I could cash in on some of these vaccine incentives. Well, some of them anyway. New Jersey is offering dinner with Governor Phil Murphy.

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