Times Union Blogger Brian Huba wrote a scathing article about the state of Albany radio for his blog "The Cat's Pajamas" a few weeks ago and I was offended!  So I did the only logical thing, I invite the A-hole who wrote it to come in and be a guest on my awesome web series, Baking with Bethany.

He agreed.  And frankly I was planning on raking him over the coals.

I showed my boss the blog, and happily reported that I was gonna "Take care of this guy."  To which my boss responded, "Linderman, don't do it - this guy just wants attention, don't give it to him."

I did what anyone would do, I did it anyway.

Well, turns out Brian Huba isn't so much an A-hole, but just slightly misguided.  I didn't have to put him on blast, I just had to show him how awesome our radio show is.  I promptly changed his mind and now we're pretty mush besties.

I think you'll enjoy this baking segment.  But please don't tell Steve Richards (he's the boss).


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