I'm not someone that's usually afraid of bugs but I saw some alien-type of spider at my mom's that may have changed my opinion.

I was just minding my own business at my mom's house when I saw some alien creature sitting on her wall. Being naturally curious, I jumped on a chair thinking that maybe it was a piece of dust or something until I realized that it was alive! My mom hates bugs so her first instinct was to kill it so she handed me a newspaper and cowered. I would rather try and save it so I, instead, asked for a cup and a piece of paper.

From the other room, I hear my mom yell "Careful! Spiders are fast and they jump! I'm staying out here!" Luckily, I think this spider was just as ready to get out of the house as we were ready to help him. I put him in a cup, put him outside "far away from the door," as my mom requested and we went on his way continuing to live his life.

Now, as I mentioned, I'm not afraid of bugs but this was definitely something out of this world. I've never seen anything like it and part of me is convinced that it's from another planet brought to our planet to spy on us but that's neither here, nor there. Maybe I'm wrong, maybe you can help me identify it, have you seen something like this before? It's not much bigger than a pencil eraser but it's pretty intimidating.

Jessica Sims/ Townsquare Media
Jessica Sims/ Townsquare Media

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