Our Secret Star clues are back with your chance to win FRONT ROW tickets to our next show Wednesday, October 27th.

I know. It is hard to believe the last time we gathered with you and GNA nation for our last amazing Secret Star presented by Lia Honda was back in October of 2019. So let's put that dry spell to an end and get you in the best seats in the house for our next show later this month, courtesy of Curtis Lumber.

To win, just watch our Secret Star clues below and enter your guess in the form that follows. We will post a new clue every day at 9am, and you can enter once per day. So keep checking back for more clues to make better guesses! If you get the lineup right, you could be sitting in the front row for the biggest show of the fall.

FINAL Secret Star Clue Mon. 10/25/2021

Secret Star Clue Sun. 10/24/2021

Secret Star BONUS Clue Sat. 10/23/2021

Secret Star Daily Clue Sat, 10/23/2021

Secret Star Daily Clue Fri. 10/22/2021

Secret Star BONUS Clue Thurs. 10/21/21

Secret Star Daily Clue Thurs. 10/21/21

Secret Star Daily Clue Weds. 10/20/21

Secret Star Daily Clue Tues. 10/19/21

Secret Star Daily Clue Mon. 10/18/21

Secret Star Daily Clue Sun. 10/17/21

Secret Star Daily Clue Sun. 10/16/21

This contest has ended.

Secret Star is brought to you by T-Mobile, Curtis Lumber, NYSCOBA, and Tech East Fire and Water Restoration.

Official Contest Rules

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