Governor Cuomo is heading to Cuba!Our Governor will be the first American Governor to visit Cuba since the recent changes in our nation’s relationship with Cuba. The trip's goal is to strengthen the relationship between Cuba and NY, however some people feel it’s a ploy by Cuomo to catch national headlines. I do remember however his father, Mario was a big proponent of New York  State making it's own deals and having relationships with foreign counties as our State's "GNP" would be as high as top 10 in the world if we were an independent country.

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Cuomo is not taking this trip alone, he is bringing along Assembly Speaker Carl Heastie, the CEO of JetBlue, the CEO of Chobani Greek Yogurt and a dairy farmer from the Finger Lakes to name a few.

The hope is that these officials will help to strengthen the trade of farm products produced in New York.  New York does export some dairy to Cuba presently.

It seems like a legitimate trip, I think if it’s successful it could really help the dairy farmers here in New York.

What do you think?  Is Cuomo thinking about what is best for New York, or is he thinking about what is best for a Cuomo? Is it too early to accuse him of making a ploy for the oval office?