A new employee at the Rotterdam Walmart did something that should give us all a little bit of faith in humanity.

Scott Olson/Getty Images

An elderly man was checking out at the register that Jenny Karpen was working. After she rang up all of his groceries, the man gave her some money to buy his groceries and asked her if he gave her enough. Unfortunately, it wasn’t, so he started to take some of his stuff back.

Karpen felt bad for the man and didn’t let him take the items back. Instead, she used her own money to help him out.

Karpen took out $40 and used it towards the man’s groceries. According to the story from News 10 ABC, the man didn’t realize what happened. The next customer who was in Karpen’s line then offered to give her $40, but she didn’t accept it and told him that it was against the store’s policy to take money.

Karpen’s action stunned her manager Jamie Cobb, who said that “there should be more people like that in the world.” Karpen said that she “has never done anything like this before.”

This is one of those stories that I really love to write about, especially around the holidays.

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