GNA's Shop with A Cop fundraiser is back for the holiday season, and you can help brighten the holidays for local kids.

Christmas is for kids, and one of the best things we do all year long is team up with you and some great local police officers to put gifts under the tree for local kids. Every year, you step up to help us out to make this happen. Your generosity creates the holiday magic!

With the return of GNA's 6th Annual Shop With A Cop, driven by CDTA, we are looking to you to create some Christmas magic once again. It's our chance to make some smiles happen this holiday season by buying gifts for less fortunate children who otherwise may not receive them. Not only will we brighten the season, but we will also create a fun and unforgettable shopping experience by having local kids spend some time checking items off of their lists by shopping with some local police officers. It is a great opportunity for local kids to spend quality time with our local police, and in turn, gives those police an opportunity to give back to the communities they serve.

Your donations make it all possible when we hold a special day of shopping at the Crossgates Mall with food provided by Dave and Buster's. Plus we even set aside some money for "Santa" so their parents can purchase presents on behalf of “Santa.”

To make a donation visit any Cap Com location and make a donation to the BLUE FRIDAY-SHOP WITH A COP account, stop and see GNA at any upcoming concert or appearance, or send a check made payable to BLUE FRIDAY-SHOP WITH A COP  to WGNA at 1241 Kings Road, Schenectady, NY 12303.\

You can also make a donation to shop with a copy by buying tickets to GNAs Jingle Jam starring Niko Moon here.




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