With all of the tension between citizens and police officers, It's been something that's been debated for several years. Should the police be forced to wear body cameras?

From News 10 ABC, starting tomorrow, police officers from the Gloversville Police Department will be implementing new body cameras while on duty.

The cameras will be used to help the safety of both the officers and the citizens of Gloversville.

According to a study from Journal List Resource, there were many differences between departments that wore body cameras and officers who did not.

Random stops from officers were overall reduced. Over 23% more citations were given and 25% of the officers were more confident after wearing the cameras.

What do you think about officers being forced to wear body cameras? Should this be a new mandatory piece of equipment?

For everyone's peace of mind, I don't think it would hurt. These cameras would clear up any confusion that may take place during stops by the police.


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