In just over a week we will add 4 new artists to the Secret Star alumni club. Before we do, let's take a walk down memory lane.

When you think about it, 46 is a pretty impressive number. 46 different Country artists have taken the stage at GNA's Secret Star Acoustic Jam shows over the years, and with our next show at Proctor's next Wednesday, April 20th (Our 15th Secret Star!!) that list will grow to an even 50.

It's a tradition that started almost nine years ago in the fall of 2013 at Proctor's and has continued over a total of 14 shows over the years at the legendary Schenectady theater and also at the Palace in Albany. Even with a 2-year break because of the pandemic, the excitement for this one of kind event has not waned. It's several artists on one stage, sharing songs and stories like they are sitting around a campfire. And oh yeah, no one knows who is playing until they walk out on stage - PURE EXCITEMENT!

Yes, the format is great, but the Country stars are what make each and every Secret Star great. How they interact with each other and the audience is truly unique. Armed only with acoustic guitars and their storytelling, Country music does not get more powerful.

So grab your tickets now for our next Secret Star, and check out all the artists who have performed in the past to give you an idea of the star-studded evening you will get to experience!

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GNA's Secret Star Acoustic Jam concerts started back in 2013, and over the years an impressive list of Country stars have performed on the Secret Star stage. Check them all out!

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