With marijuana now legal in New York creative business owners are coming up with some clever ways to capitalize on this new market.

The obvious ways are opening a dispensary, recreational smoking areas, and shops selling marijuana accessories.  One creative owner decided to combine two recreational past-times into one event for adults in Saratoga.

According to the article in the Times Union, Olde Saratoga Mini Golf has hit a long drive into the recreational marijuana market with their Tuesday Puff Puff Putt night.

Owner, Brian Brumley started the Puff Puff Pass nights in June and it has become pretty popular. Last Tuesday they had 78 golfers show up to smoke a little weed and putt a little ball around the 18 hole course. On the Olde Saratoga Mini-Golf Facebook page, they are promoting it as Toasted Tuesday.

Because of the popularity of the Tuesday adults-only event, Puff Puff Putt will continue on Tuesdays as long as the weather is good. As the night continues to grow there is talk of adding music and maybe a food truck...you know in case you get the munchies.

According to the Times Union, there haven't been many complaints about the night, except from one mom who wanted to take her son to play mini-golf on a Tuesday night.

Brian Brumley, the owner of Olde Saratoga Mini Golf, encourages safe marijuana use. He recommends bringing a designated driver or UBER for people attending Toasted Tuesday.

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