Secret Star was almost a week ago already, can you believe it? Jess had a chance to sit with Frankie Ballard and ask him when we can expect some new music our way!

Finally, we can tell you who our Secret Star performers are: Gone West, Frankie Ballard, and Kip Moore. Before they each walked on stage and you knew who each one was, I (Jess) had a chance to sit down with Frankie Ballard and talk all things music (and birthdays).

Instead of asking about Halloween and his plans, I skipped ahead to December since our birthdays are only two days apart (16th/18th). It was nice to talk to someone who understands my feelings about having a birthday and Christmas so close together!

We then got to the good stuff - music. Frankie recently tweeted that he'll have new music when he finds a place for his "rocket to launch." So, hopefully, that's some time soon because he promises a lot of great topics and songs that he's been waiting to share with the world.

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