Johnathan Goldsmith, who was the original 'Most Interesting Man In the World' will be in Saratoga promoting his new book.

Goldsmith, who is getting ready to release his memoir 'Stay Interesting' this summer, will make an appearance at Northshire Saratoga bookstore on Thursday, June 15th. There will be a 6pm happy hour, followed by Johnathon talking about his new book.

Penguin Random House says the book is about Goldsmith's career including '... competing for roles with Dustin Hoffman (and) getting shot by John Wayne.' It also dives in to the the ups and downs of his acting career and his eventual role as the Dos Equis 'Most Interesting Man In the World.'

I wonder how many 'I don't always...' comments will be said at this one. Like 'Johnathan Goldsmith doesn't always make book appearances, but when he does, he visits Saratoga.' Hopefully they will be a little funnier than that.

The book will be released June 13th.


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