Some things make a lot of sense in the world of hot air balloons. Others would not, and would literally kill the fun for everyone. LOL! I have though in my warped little head about hot air balloons that would pretty much kill my buzz at a hot air balloon festival seeing that one will be coming soon in Glens Falls and Queesnbury on September 20th through the 23d at the Warren County Airport. Get the details on the festival here.

Here are the 5 balloons that don't exist, and I hope never do because it would ruin the day for me if they did.


5. The Larry's Proctology Balloon - Just imagine looking up and seeing a 40 foot latex glove floating in the sky with the Larry's Proctology logo and phone number on it. Not cool.

4. The Run Down Outhouse Balloon- This would have the spectators running for cover in fear that it might spring a leak.

3. The Dentures In A Glass Balloon- Your grandparents may love this one and it may spur them to make an appointment, but it would make it hard to enjoy a sausage and pepper sandwich if I looked up and saw a 40 foot glass with stained dentures sitting in it.

2. The Mitt Romney's Hair Balloon- His hair is legendary, but I wouldn't want it flying over my neighborhood. He uses so much product that if might catch on fire if it floated too close to a power line. LOL!

1. The Fresh Step Litter Box Balloon- Do I really need to explain why this would kill a fun day for me? If they included the scoop it would help.





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