It just never gets better. And Eric Paslay is the latest victim of the Worst Interview Ever.

Toby Keith, Dustin Lynch, Kip Moore. The list goes on and on. And now Eric Paslay is the latest to endure the interview skills of our Sunday afternoon host Nick.

From asking Eric about when he dropped the 'I' from his name to his rant about others stealing the works he has written, this one is certainly awkward. But at least Nick did try to make this one better by bringing snacks, which would have been great. Only problem is Eric is diabetic, and Nick shows up with Twinkies and a honey bun. It even wraps with Nick trying to take one of Eric's boots off.

Another classic for Nick. It still amazes me how the interviews continue to take new awkward twists and turns and he just never gets better! You can see all of Nick's interviews below:



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