If you have to have EpiPens for yourself or for your kids, the EpiPens you have right now will have some extra life.

And that is great news for your wallet! Due to a shortage of EipPens on the market, Pfizer is extending the expiration dates on pens that have already been sold, according to the Times Union. If you want to check if your EpiPens fall in the pens that will have their dates extended, click here.

Now the dates are being extended because of the shortage, but you have to imagine they would not do this if they did not think the pens would work, right? Every time we have to replace our pens for our daughter Scarlett (Who has a peanut allergy) we dread the cost - even after our prescription plan, it adds up! Maybe at some point down the road they will extend the dates permanently so we can all get a little extra life out of the EpiPens!



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