After going away for a few years, tours where you can see Albany from land and water are coming back!

Duck boat tours = Awesome. So I am very excited to write about them coming back to Albany! Yes!

The Times Union is reporting after a 5 year hiatus there will once again be duck boat tours showing tourists around our Capital! Albany Super Ducks Tours are supposed to start running sometime in July. The tours will be about 90 minutes long and will depart from the Albany Heritage Area Visitor Center.

As someone who is still fairly new to Albany, this sounds like a great way to see the city. I have done the Boston duck boat tours, and it is a different and interesting way to explore a city. And any chance you can take to get in the water, take it, right?

The Times Union says they will have a special kick off event at Tricentennial Park June 24th. Just in time for summer, something else that will be cool to check out in the warmer months!



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