If it hasn't started already, your social media feeds will be full of constant updates and reminders of the beautiful Spring weather today and tomorrow. If I may, here are a few suggestions before you post "warm weather" photos.  These are merely suggestions, but will save you and I both from a world of agony. 

It's the nicest stretch of weather we've had in a while, so expect your feeds to be filled with pictures of people kicking back relaxing on the porch or deck with a cold beverage. And brace yourself for the obligatory photo of the temperature gauge on the dashboard reading 80 degrees. Considering that we're just a few weeks removed from Stella, it seems all the more welcome.

Here are a few items on my "don't do" list when it comes to you warm weather posts, please heed:

  • I don't care how handsome your man looks in the pic, he should never ever be wearing mandles.  If he insists on wearing them, crop the photo at the ankles and then when he's asleep, burn, cut, shred, or throw away said "mandles"   He'll be mad at first, but he'll eventually thank you as will your followers.
  • Do not post any photos of you on the golf course, laying in the sun, or eating ice cream at Guptill's while you should be at work.  This seems incredibly obvious, but people make this mistake all the time.  It's the kind of thing that most people do only once.  Usually because it results in getting fired.
  • Do not post a photo of any kind of grilled meat that is cooked past medium.  Nothing says "keep me off the grill"  like a grey, over-cooked, burger or steak.  In fact, if your filet looks "too rare" it's probably not rare enough.

These next few days are a real treasure, let's make your social media feeds as pleasurable as the weather.  Now go ahead and post that temperature reading from the sign outside the bank! How else will we know how beautiful it is?

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