The governor says the fall surge of the coronavirus is here and is putting in place some new restrictions as a precautionary measure.

Let's start with the good news here. No businesses are being required or asked to shut down as part of Governor Cuomo's new rules in response to rising COVID case. That said, there are some guidelines being put into place for some business.

According to series of posts on Governor Cuomo's Twitter earlier today, the following restrictions become effective this Friday at 10pm:

  • Gyms must close at 10pm
  • Bars and restaurants (And any business with a liquor license) must close at 10pm
  • No gatherings at indoor residences of more than 10 people

And now the debate will begin on how these measures will really help the situation. First, as far as common sense goes, the indoor gatherings rule makes sense. From what we have heard about this virus, closed indoor spaces are where it is most easily spread. The bars and restaurants make sense for the same reason.

The one rule I do not understand is the gym rule. These spaces are typically more wide open, and by limiting the hours a  gym is open, aren't we just forcing more people into a tighter time window? I am a Planet Fitness member and personally prefer to go late at night when there are just fewer people there. This is the one that seems a little counterintuitive to me.

Whether we agree or disagree with these measures, the most important thing is no one is being forced to close. Let's hope that taking some extra precautions now to get ahead of the surge will lead to a better outcome than we had back in the spring because that would be really bad news.


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